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How we grow when we learn to grow with obstacles!


When we learn to grow with obstacles, we grow!

We were growing much before we sensed that we were growing! But with the understanding of growth, we also acquire fear of growing! When it comes to making good use of opportunities thrown by life and taking it ahead, this fear of growing is intense.. We get afraid of the process and even the consequence of growth!

#insight:Love comes in different forms.. Embrace..

Life Quote: Our yearnings are same..paths are different...

Insight: Let’s feel positive in response to negativity thrown by others…

Let the pebble thrown by others create, positive ripple in our soul!

Receiving positive feedback naturally boosts our spirit. But, all people we come across, all situations face are not always positive. Keeping calm and hopeful in adverse situation seems quite challenging. Being balanced in all circumstances is an art. To have our constructive energy flowing, we need to learn to respond to unfair situations appropriately...



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