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Insight: Journey to the destination

Journey to the destination -
On our journey, we might have to traverse the same path again and again. We may get bored, fed up and lost. There may be hundreds of distractions trying to deviate us from our goal and purpose.

Insight: Never taint a child’s mind with your biases..

Never taint a child’s mind with your biases..

A baby has no awareness to where it belongs, from which cadre of the society it comes from and what is the reputation of its parents in the society.

Unknowingly, through our behavior, most of the time, we feed some messages to its mind.

 We taint its soul, which is like a blooming flower bud with our prejudices and attitudes. By behaving rudely we transfer the bitter lessons we have learned in the society to the child

#insight:Love comes in different forms.. Embrace..

Insight: Love Comes In Many Forms… Embrace…

Love Comes In Many Forms… Embrace…

 Most of the time we intensely feel unloved, because the standard we have set for ‘love’ is not rightly met. We have some conditions for love. Conditions that love should come from so and so source and it should show up in so and so form. We have set a standard that to be called love, love should appear in such an outfit!



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