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How we grow when we learn to grow with obstacles!


When we learn to grow with obstacles, we grow!

We were growing much before we sensed that we were growing! But with the understanding of growth, we also acquire fear of growing! When it comes to making good use of opportunities thrown by life and taking it ahead, this fear of growing is intense.. We get afraid of the process and even the consequence of growth!

Is our mind too cluttered to welcome anything new?

"We are dumping our minds with so much information, that there is no space to grow insights!"

A Story..

There lived a greedy man. He brought and piled up everything considered 'precious' to his house. He was always busy buying new things and took no time to check out the dumped stuff in the house. One day when he returned, a man stopped him at the door and hollered...,

Are the life's barriers we are fighting with really blocking us??

"We often run into walls that block us. All walls are not invariably bad. It is essential to make sure whether they are guarding us from stepping out of our dream or stopping us from entering the dream."

Let’s look at a story :

A man saw a wall ahead of him. It was a huge and broad wall. He sensed it was barring his way and thus set off looking for a door, window or at least a hole somewhere to get rid of the wall blocking him. He searched and searched in the wall that appeared to be stretching infinitely...

Life itself is an opportunity: Live it before it's too late!

We seek for opportunities in life and struggle. We arrive at what we are looking for, when we realize, ‘Life itself is an opportunity!

A man considered himself as highly ambitious. Though he did nothing much noticeable yet, he had utmost belief that something great would be performed in his lifetime. He spent his lifetime looking for great things, he could work upon… One day he found a ‘wheel’. The wheel was his life! The man was unaware of this.....

Making peace with our changing moods...

Changing mood is like ever changing succession of day and night. As we start accepting our moods, like we receive the changing sequence of nature, the more peace we find with our inner nature!

Every day we see bright days and gloomy nights. This brightness and dark is not just the cycle of nature. It is also the cycle of human nature! There are times when our soul and the world around seem to shine and times where our entirety is enveloped with the darkest shadows...

How without noticing our fulfilled needs, we chase our greeds!

Without noticing our fulfilled needs, we chase our greeds!

Let us throw a look at the story of a young woman:

A young lady was standing amid green, delightful surrounding. Her eyes were glancing around, but somehow, her mood didn’t reflect the pleasantness of the nature. Irrelevant thoughts kept pestering and she could not make out what exactly bothered her. Suddenly, her eyes noticed an object moving a bit away....



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