Is our mind too cluttered to welcome anything new?

"We are dumping our minds with so much information, that there is no space to grow insights!"

A Story..

There lived a greedy man. He brought and piled up everything considered 'precious' to his house. He was always busy buying new things and took no time to check out the dumped stuff in the house. One day when he returned, a man stopped him at the door and hollered,

 “No matter what you brought today, there is no place to keep a pin inside! You focused only on 'desires' but not on the content of your dwelling. The entire precious stacked inside are now of no use! Now, how can I allow you to step in? All your accomplishments made you stand out of your own home!”

What this story is telling Us?          

 Most of the time, we are busy buying suggestions, opinions and judgements of others. We overvalue people’s voices and undervalue our own. We consider criticism and comment from outside as precious and get subscribed.

We have no time to check out what sort of thoughts we are dumping into our precious minds! Vibrating with the lower energy created by crap has become a habit for us. And our shopping is never ending!

                It is not that what people say is of no use, it is the content of their opinion that matters. When we let in a good thought, a powerful idea and vision, that thought creates constructive, positive ripple in our soul. One virtuous idea from outside can give birth to tons of virtuous concepts inside the mind.

It is not the ‘food’ for thought that causes the trouble; it is the junk which is dangerous! It just gives a ‘full’ feeling and fails to nourish the body! The junk, string of worthless words always harms the soul.

           All our unnecessary mental accomplishments completely occupy our mind and when there is no space to take in anything new, something within us, our nature which has been neglected and exploited so far, rebels. When our true nature intervenes, we are made to stand out of our own mind!

We are asked to reconsider our idea of ‘preciousness’, rethink what we truly wanted and re-evaluate what kind of life we were leading so far!

Photo By K.V. Praveen Iyer

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