Making peace with our changing moods...

Changing mood is like ever changing succession of day and dark. As we start accepting our moods, like we receive the changing sequence of nature, the more peace we find with our inner nature!

Every day we see bright days and gloomy nights. This brightness and dark is not just the cycle of nature. It is also the cycle of human nature! There are times when our soul and the world around seem to shine and times where our entirety is enveloped with the darkest shadows...

 When it comes to nature, we have accepted its cycle: Cycle of light and darkness. We have learned from the time we are created, to manage ourselves and our activities in the ever altering light-dark sequence. But same acceptance is not there towards our inner nature

Within ourselves, we always welcome light and completely resist darkness. We have forgotten when there is light, there is also darkness. We have forgotten that ‘darkness’ is the soul’s resting time. It’s the time to rejuvenate our energy and store for the light to arrive. More we resist darkness, more the darkness spreads over and takes over the joy of light. Light becomes dark, life becomes dark. When we complain about a ‘bad day’, we will be complaining about the same darkness that is spread over the entire ‘day’ part of the day. There is restlessness, low energy, high negative emotions, when darkness spreads over.

But instead of fighting dark or resisting it, if we accept it, give ourselves completely to the nature, if we surrender, that very acceptance brings inner light in the darkness! The moment our soul is actually resting, rejuvenating and recharging is the moment of light. This moment of inner light creates peaceful dark times when spread throughout; it creates a ‘bright day’.

When we don’t know these changes are part of human nature, we overreact. To light, we respond as if joy of light is going to be the permanent state and when there is dark, we wallow as if darkness lasts forever. Our mind won’t be able to see both light and darkness as nothing but ‘changing sequence’ of life: a natural phenomenon.

When a person accepts both brightness and darkness of life equally without exaggerating one or resisting the other, only then he will be able to experience the presence of inner light! This internal light is not the light brought by the changing ‘mood’, it is the luminance of our innermost being, it is the joy of being!

When a human comes in contact with his inner light, external light or darkness pertaining to life’s circumstance loses its difference. They both become equally essential, precious and equally nurturing.There still will be days which don’t look promising and days which look extraordinary, but now his attitude towards them get redefined and he sees them only as ‘less productive’ and ‘more productive’ days. An ‘awareness’ born out of being, governs human’s thinking. Overreaction, resistance fades leading to a much peaceful, balancing life!

Let us internalize this acceptance and experience the balance!

Photo by Shivashankar Banagar

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