Life itself is an opportunity: Live it before it's too late!

We seek for opportunities in life and struggle. We arrive at what we are looking for, when we realize, ‘Life itself is an opportunity!

A man considered himself as highly ambitious. Though he did nothing much noticeable yet, he had utmost belief that something great would be performed in his lifetime. He spent his lifetime looking for great things, he could work upon… One day he found a ‘wheel’. The wheel was his life! The man was unaware of this...

The wheel suggested him to treat it as he liked. Without bothering much, the man began using it, running behind, moving it with hands. He didn’t care which road the wheel took and how good the itinerary was

Hence, the wheel wallowed in dirt and caught up all the mud. While the man ran the wheel clumsily, unable to manage, suddenly, the wheel got transformed into a human being. Pausing his running, the wheel man uttered, “You thought of doing great things, but never kept in mind that matters which are precious are considered great. Greatness is a result. You can only do your duty with joy and greatness follows it if it is precious. Great things can’t be performed with a sense of making things great. Focusing on greatness-result shall only make you lose your focus from dedicating yourself fully to the work in hand.  You failed, when you were provided with your ‘Life’ itself to wield. Now it’s entirely over and time is up”.

The Wheel human disappeared...... 

We seek for opportunities in life and struggle. We arrive at what we are looking for, when we realize, ‘Life itself is an opportunity!’

                               There is a tendency in us to focus on results and we seek to see greatness in our deeds. Of course, it is said that to progress in the right direction, an eye should be set on the goal. But ironically, not just setting an optic, our entire thinking is so much engrossed in ‘getting’ something that we fail to take care of affairs we are ‘giving’. Our concept of ‘great life’ is itself a borrowed concept, it is the ‘greatness’ society is speaking about. It is an imagination, we lovably immerse into. Imagination that by receiving so and so, I will be labelled as great! We fail to see joy presented in mundane life, thus all our vision is set on some imaginary ‘great thing’ that could bring greatness to life. We don’t realize the preciousness of life. We mistreat our life; we let it wallow and caught up dirt and remains. We let it out of hand till time is gone, life is over…

But, unless we are not on death bed our life doesn’t get wound up as the tale ended!

It is that part of the life that presented itself to us in the form of unsought opportunities that ends. When time is up, the time given by that opportunity is up. When we have understood, we have ruined the life, we understand, ‘I would have managed my life better’. That understanding is the new opportunity to grow. This time, to treat life much differently, with dignity, love and respect!

Photo By Shivashankar Banagar

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