Insight: Giving up competition,comparison and walking with the pace of nature..

'Don’t compete or compare. Just walk with the pace of nature'

We are competitive and our comparison is never ceasing. The world always says, ‘Be competitive’. When the world says ‘compete’ it means, compete with others, take part in the race and overtake fellow humans....  Hence, we are bound to contend in the outside universe!  But rarely, we introspect to see what exactly is our true, innate capability and potential.

Our uniqueness and true spirit can’t get into any competition and it can’t be compared with others as well. This innate potential is what we are endowed with by nature.

When we get in touch with the inner potential, we walk with the pace of nature. Happiness, peace, tranquility follows us when we are in alignment with the nature.  When we recognize our uniqueness, our true spirit, we lead a blissful life.  As this inner spirit shines out, the need for competition and comparison melts down.  

Competitors still exist in our social life, but we are no more competing or comparing with them. We are still in the race as perceived by the society, but we are no more running the race by pre designed expectations!

Our vitality is not lost in worrying about stuffs or talents our fellows own.  Alternatively, it is fully channelized towards bringing out our latent capabilities. We live a life by our own standards. We fall, fail and learn at our own speed. Our success is not simply external. It is internal, inside out! Growing in one’s own rate becomes our version of racing and competing.

 As we understand our innate nature, we walk with the pace of nature.  We step with the universe calmly, peacefully and elegantly. Today, let’s free ourselves from competition and comparison and see what our true capacity is and how we should be actually living!

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