How without noticing our fulfilled needs, we chase our greeds!

Without noticing our fulfilled needs, we chase our greeds!

Let us throw a look at the story of a young woman:

A young lady was standing amid green, delightful surrounding. Her eyes were glancing around, but somehow, her mood didn’t reflect the pleasantness of the nature. Irrelevant thoughts kept pestering and she could not make out what exactly bothered her. Suddenly, her eyes noticed an object moving a bit away....

An attractive umbrella captured her attention. It had the colours of the rainbow and was progressing in the direction of wind. Without her knowledge, the lady began running behind it as if her sole aim was to catch that umbrella. Her eyes were completely fixed on the coveted that she did not even worry where she was going!

In the mean time, she realized that the Umbrella was not moving with the rhythm of the wind, but was in a constant speed!

All of a sudden it picked up pace and got off... away…, away and disappeared from her view. There she stood, struck, tired and disappointed. A glance around shocked and astonished her! That was a barren land! The green, the beauty everything was gone. She knelt on the ground scared and lost! At the place where the umbrella moved off from her sight, she heard a voice, “You always ran for things you never actually needed at that point of life... An umbrella where there was no rain and sunshine! You couldn’t see the worthiness you were provided with. Now here you are, empty handed, in a place which offers nothing but dry thoughts, dry as its withered grass…!”

                            We endlessly chase for things that we believe we need the most! Our running continues till the time life gives a blow, bringing us to the awareness that our need was not the real need, it has been merely an obsession created by our weak judgment!

When we don’t know all we get is what we deserve, we operate from our desires! The desires and obsessions created by our ego. We believe, we deserve all our desires and without accomplishing these desires our life becomes undeserving. We obsess over our desires. Hence, we go after things that seize our attention, which look beautiful. But we fail to examine if that beautiful thing is capturing our inner attention, the attention of our soul as well. We fail to ask, “Is this pleasing thing giving a pleasant feeling to my soul too?”

Our immediate action, taken in the fear of missing the object we are attracted to, gives no chance for deeper understanding or contemplation. We get afraid; we fear losing, our clingy self starts running after our obsession. Our entire mind becomes a slave and our complete control is shifted to the object that is outside, outside of our control! We strive to control: control the result, and control the pace of the world outside of us instead of manipulating the universe within us…

Usually, realization comes only when the object of our desire itself fades away from us crushing our love and yearning towards it. We are lost, sad and ruined. But sometimes, being lost and broken itself is the lesson! It is the point where desire ends and our learning starts, our weakness ends and our strength starts, the yearning of the ego ends and purpose of the soul begins. The point of hopelessness is the point of hope! It is all in our view, how we view it, how fast we view it and how well we view it!

Photo by Soumya Bhagwat

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