How we grow when we learn to grow with obstacles!


When we learn to grow with obstacles, we grow!

We were growing much before we sensed that we were growing! But with the understanding of growth, we also acquire fear of growing! When it comes to making good use of opportunities thrown by life and taking it ahead, this fear of growing is intense.. We get afraid of the process and even the consequence of growth!

As young children, we have acquired lots of developmental milestones, without the knowledge that we were ‘developing’. But as the concept of growth and development starts applying to the manifestation of our inner capabilities, we fear, doubt and take a u-turn!

A series of ‘What if...’ thoughts haunt our head! We worry about the possibility of failing and appearing awkward. Our imagination on how bad it feels to fail and look silly just ties us down from taking steps forward. We doubt our capability, dreams and actions. Staying back in comfort zone appears like the most comforting option!

While some people get rotten in the safety of comfort zone, others feel the utmost discomfort. They make arrangements to search comfort in discomfort!

 Growth has obstacles :

Whether in our personal world or in the materialistic world, we can only grow when we become aware that ‘Growth has obstacles’. When this message sinks in, we continue our journey with, ‘I can face anything’ attitude…

Sometimes, only when we prepare for the worst, best appears!

As we get ready to fall and fail, we see more opportunities to rise and move on. It’s because, when failure is no more our concern, our imagination and thoughts are channelized towards offers and opportunities…

Humpy, bumpy journey of life appears like a joyous ride… We see less pain and more pleasure! When we feel like, ‘What if I fail, I still can bounce back...’ nothing in this world can hold us back!

It’s not that we stop feeling fear; we get better in dealing with fear. When fear comes to us, we learn how to treat it! We also understand how to analyze and respond to the barriers posed by life.

Yes, growth has obstacles, barriers in its way. But what is the fun if our success story is just a smooth sail without anything challenging our spirit?

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