Are the life's barriers we are fighting with really blocking us??

"We often run into walls that block us. All walls are not invariably bad. It is essential to make sure whether they are guarding us from stepping out of our dream or stopping us from entering the dream."

Let’s look at a story :

A man saw a wall ahead of him. It was a huge and broad wall. He sensed it was barring his way and thus set off looking for a door, window or at least a hole somewhere to get rid of the wall blocking him. He searched and searched in the wall that appeared to be stretching infinitely....

 The man couldn’t make out if that wall was beginning or terminating... As he went about examining, he felt an intense desire for freedom and wish to reach out for some dream mounting in him. Man’s effort in finding a way out went futile and he felt hopeless.

Disappointed, he turned his back to the wall and got stunned with what he witnessed. He saw a place with green coated grassy ground and multicolored sky. Joy, delight and peace filled him as he rejoiced with those hues.

As he walked towards the prospect, leaving the wall, he heard a voice raising somewhere in him sounding out- "Walls are not invariably bad. Make sure whether they are guarding you from stepping out of your dream or stopping you from entering the dream.”

                We rarely introspect how our current life is. May be if we slightly turn back, we see what exactly we were looking for. May be what we dreamed is already present in our life, just hidden from our field of vision. The colors we wished to add up to our lives, the passion, the zeal we strived to have are possibly there already, waiting us to recognize and work on it…

                A wall is not always an obstacle. It also symbolizes protection. May be the wall we are fighting with is actually the one meant to guard our dreams, protect us from breaking our own passions. As long as we don’t see that we are already leading a life which has ample opportunities to raise again, begin again and pursue again we shall always be revolting against an imaginary, unconscious wall.

               As shortly as we identify the wall as a helpful boundary, we cease watching it as a limit and restrain from fighting against it, instead we experience it as a healthy boundary, which is seperating our potential visions from stuffs which are unimportant to our lives.

             We are trained to see every barrier as a blockage. We have been ferociously battling many  real walls formed from our childhood. Challenging barriers have helped us to recognize our hidden strength. Every broken barrier leads us to the realization of a new dimension within ourselves. Such blockages are blessings in disguise.

 But those walls we were unable to cross, those that have stopped us from living a life we always wanted to live, have made us helpless victims. We are conditioned to pick up an alarming signal at every mental construction that stops us from doing something.

 Our confused mind can never differentiate if a wall is helping or hindering us. We can never infer that there are walls surrounding every aspect of the physical and mental world. If we break the construction encircling our visions, those visions lose their meaning and get diffused into the pool of passing ideas.

              When we experience our life with a clear eye and helpful attitude, we would find out what colors are waiting our recognition, which gifts have we forgotten to count, which talents are latent in our soul and what intentions and passions are awaiting our attention.

Let us look deep into our lives: into spaces and corners we never bothered considering and see what in life is waiting to show up. As we identify the true essence, we consider and differentiate distorting, distracting as well as supporting boundaries..

 Let us pay our gratitudes to all boundaries that have facilitated us to retain our dreams, passions and visions. Likewise, let us thank all walls that have challenged us and helped us discover our true potential.

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